Innovation, productivity, research and development (R&D), innovation policies, growth and development


A CIRANO Associate Researcher and Fellow since 1994, Pierre Mohnen is Full Professor at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. He is also Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT and Senior Research Associate at  the Technology and Management for Development Center at Oxford University.

Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from New York University, his research deals mainly with the measurement, the determinants, the effects and the interrelationships of R&D, innovation, ICT, competition and productivity, and the effectiveness of innovation, environmental and social policies.

He currently coordinates the economics of knowledge and innovation research theme at UNU-MERIT and sits on various scientific/advisory committees (ZEW, Wissenschaftsstatistik gGmbH, i4g group at Directorate General of Research of the European Commission). He has done consulting work for the OECD, the European Commission, the Inter-American Development Bank, UNICEF and government departments in Canada, Europe and Chile.

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CIRANO Publications by Pierre Mohnen

As an author

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Évaluation de l’impact du crédit d’impôt à l’investissement au Québec

Pierre Mohnen and Jean Philippe Agbantey

Evaluation Of Projects, Programs and Public Policies, Taxation and Fiscal Policy and Innovation

L’économie du Québec – Contexte et enjeux internationaux

Thierry Warin, Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, Ari Van Assche, Rufin Baghana, Mathieu Carrier, Lucian Cernat, Marie-Ève Faubert-Arsenault, Marine Hadengue, Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Frédéric Laurin, Patrick Leblond, Pierre Mohnen, Céline Nègre, Stéphane Pronovost, Lewis Quinn, Louis Raymond, Jacques Roy, Nathalie Sinclair-Desgagné, Antoine Troadec, Ekaterina Turkina, Sylvestre Uwizeyemungu, Sophie Meunier and 17 other authors

Strategy and International Economy and Energy and Natural Resources


Julio Rosa and Pierre Mohnen


Doing R&D in a Closed or Open Mode: Dynamics and Impacts on Productivity

Julio Rosa and Pierre Mohnen

External Publications

IDEAS/RePEc Publications

Mingqian Zhang & Pierre Mohnen (2022) - R&D, innovation and firm survival in Chinese manufacturing, 2000–2006

Jun Hou & Xiaolan Fu & Pierre Mohnen (2022) - The Impact of China–Africa Trade on the Productivity of African Firms: Evidence from Ghana

Patima Chongcharoentanawat & Franziska Gassmann & Pierre Mohnen (2022) - Thailand’s vocational training and upward mobility: impact heterogeneities and policy implications

Elvis Korku Avenyo & Maty Konte & Pierre Mohnen (2021) - Product innovation and informal market competition in sub-Saharan Africa

Antonio Martins-Neto & Nanditha Mathew & Pierre Mohnen & Tania Treibich (2021) - Is There Job Polarization in Developing Economies? A Review and Outlook

Charlotte Guillard & Ralf Martin & Pierre Mohnen & Catherine Thomas & Dennis Verhoeven (2021) - Efficient industrial policy for innovation: standing on the shoulders of hidden giants

Guillard, Charlotte & Martin, Ralf & Mohnen, Pierre & Thomas, Catherine & Verhoeven, Dennis (2021) - Efficient Industrial Policy for Innovation: Standing on the shoulders of Hidden Giants

Tetteh, Godsway Korku & Goedhuys, Micheline & Konte, Maty & Mohnen, Pierre (2021) - Mobile money adoption and entrepreneurs’ access to trade credit in the informal sector

Soares Martins Neto, Antonio & Mathew, Nanditha & Mohnen, Pierre & Treibich, Tania (2021) - Is there job polarization in developing economies? A review and outlook

Michele Cincera & Julie Delanote & Pierre Mohnen & Anabela Santos & Christoph Weiss (2020) - Intangible investments and productivity performance

CIRANO Projects

Effectiveness of business support policies for research and development: analysis and recommendations based on a literature review

Julien Martin, Florian Mayneris, Pierre Mohnen

Taxation and Fiscal Policy, Innovation

Accompaniment and scientific consultation mandate CIRANO barometer of innovation in Quebec

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Catherine Beaudry, Benoit Dostie, Pierre Mohnen, Sophie Osotimehin, Genevieve Dufour, Carole Vincent

Innovation, Economy, Human Capital, Human Resources, Labour Market

Evaluation of the impact of the investment tax credit

Évaluation de l’impact du crédit d’impôt à l’investissement au Québec - Publié le October 22, 2019

Jean Philippe Agbantey, Pierre Mohnen

Taxation and Fiscal Policy, Innovation, Evaluation Of Projects, Programs and Public Policies