13 April 2017
In memory of Pierre Lasserre
It is with considerable sadness that we announce the death of our colleague and dear friend Pierre Lasserre. Pierre died in a skiing accident this Monday, April 10th at the Massif du Mont Blanc in France.A CIRANO Fellow, Pierre was passionate about the environment and the economic development...
05 April 2017
Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin and Ingrid Peignier unveiled the results of an exclusive CIRANO survey on the perception of risks related to food fraud at an international conference on the subject in Québec City on April 4, 2017
In addition to addressing the ten traditional societal issues in the Barometer, the CIRANO 2017 Barometer addressed a case study specific to food fraud this year. What are the concerns of Quebeckers and their perception of the risks associated with food fraud? What confidence do Quebeckers have...
13 February 2017
Simulation BOURSTAD 2017 - c'est parti !
Le CIRANO et son partenaire principal, l'Autorité des marchés financiers, sont fiers de lancer la 30e édition du concours BOURSTAD. Du 13 février au 8 avril 2016, les apprentis investisseurs comme les plus aguerris auront l'occasion de participer à la simulation d'investissements...
30 January 2017
Parution du livre La sécurité sociale au Québec : Histoire et enjeux
L’implantation des programmes de sécurité sociale a été au coeur de la transformation de la société québécoise au cours des cinquante dernières années. Les Québécois et Québécoises peuvent d’ailleurs se réjouir de vivre dans une société où cohabitent développement...
19 January 2017
Bourstad 2017: the registration period is open
CIRANO and the Autorité des marchés financiers launched the registration campaign to the 30th edition of the Bourstad financial investments simulation contest during a press event held at CIRANO on January 11th. The 2017 edition of the simulation, which begins on February 13th, uses a new...
09 January 2017
Publication of the book Le Québec économique 6 : Le défi des infrastructures
For its sixth edition, Le Québec économique discusses in detail the various facets of the infrastructure challenge in the context of a low-growth economy in Québec. The book covers economic effects and financing of infrastructure, maintenance and prevention, public procurement for...
19 December 2016
Three CIRANO Fellows and one Board Member Appointed Commander of the Ordre de Montréal
Claude Castonguay, Robert Lacroix and Claude Montmarquette, all three CIRANO Fellows, as well as Henri-Paul Rousseau, member of the CIRANO board of directors, have just received the title of Commander of the Ordre de Montréal. For more information:...
07 December 2016
Fellowships for the CRESSE Summer School on Competition Policy and Regulation, Greece, June-July 2017
The Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference (CRESSE) has a partnership this year with three Canadian centres, the Centre for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO) in Montreal, the Rotman Institute for International Business, in the Rotman...
12 October 2016
Congratulations to Bengt Holmstrom
CIRANO congratulates Bengt Holmstrom, the 2016 Nobel laureate in economic science (with Oliver Hart) for his contributions in the Theory of Contracts. Bengt Holmstrom of MIT was an influential member of the first Scientific Evaluation Committee of CIRANO in 1997. Other members were: Richard...
11 October 2016
Le projet BEPS de l’OCDE : faits, mesure et défis
The Chaire de recherche en fiscalité et en finances publiques of Université de Sherbrooke organizes in collaboration with CIRANO a conference lunch entitled “Le projet BEPS de l’OCDE : faits, mesure et défis”. The conference will be held on Monday, November 7, 2016, from 11:45 am to...


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