Processus d’appels d’offres relatif à l’approvisionnement en médicaments au sein des centres hospitaliers du Québec

In the spring of 2014, after conducting an audit of resource optimization process for pharmaceutical products and services, the Acting Auditor General of Quebec (VGIQ) filed a report that denounced the variation in drug prices among certain health institutions and the lack of bidding on the part of manufacturers and questioned the practice of some health institutions in the management of the supply of drugs in case of shortages. This report by the VGIQ enabled us to better understand the bidding process for the supply of drugs in health facilities.

 Not only did our research and meetings allow us to make important nuances about the conclusions reached by the Auditor General of Quebec, but also they enabled us to better identify the actual imperfections of the current bidding process.

Considering its complexity, we wished in this report, to clarify the bidding process in order to enable the reader, whether from academic institutions, the business community or the public at large, to consider the benefits and disadvantages of this process in a more meaningful way. We believe this is essential for the effective participation of these actors, that might be required if the government wanted to modify the bidding process for the supply of drugs within Quebec hospitals or extend it to ambulatory settings.

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