L'économie expérimentale pour l'analyse de modifications au système centralisé de vente du quota laitier au Québec

This study experimentally tests whether a modification to the centralized quota sales system is capable of lowering the price of the milk quota in Québec, while at the same time minimizing the negative impacts on the auction's efficiency. This modification consists of applying two treatments on the uniformed price auction used to trade dairy production quota.. The first treatment excludes 5% or 15% of the sellers and the vendors' highest bids. The second treatment applies a tax of 2% or 10% to the units that the vendors put on the market but don't manage to sell. Different combinations of these two treatments are also tested. The generated data shows that the highest bids exclusion mechanism allows to lower the price of the quota, the 15% exclusion being more conclusive than the 5% one. Alternatively, the tax by itself has little impact on the price of the quota, while the combination of the two treatments causes a more important diminution of the number of transactions and of the price of the quota than when the tax treatment and the exclusion treatment are applied individually. This has as a consequence to lead to a greater loss of economic efficiency.
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