CIRANO pole on Modelling


A centre bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field to promote exchanges between government modelers (primarily from the Ministry of Finance - MFQ, but also from other ministries or organizations such as the Institut de la statistique du Québec - ISQ), CIRANO and others, with a view to enabling researchers to better understand the needs of the government and users of government models to identify which models (existing or to be developed) would meet their needs:

  • Take stock and assess the strengths and limitations of existing models, both in government, CIRANO and others;
  • Monitor best practices in international modelling;
  • Support the government to help it make its modeling choices (model types, programming language, etc.) according to its specific needs;
  • Promote the transfer of modelling expertise to government personnel;
  • Support the continuous improvement of existing models;
  • Develop new models for the Government and/or CIRANO.

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