29 September 2020

Catherine Haeck recipient of the ESG UQAM Emerging Faculty Award

Congratulations to Catherine Haeck, Professor in the Department of Economics at ESG UQAM, CIRANO Researcher and Fellow, who won the Emerging Faculty Award offered by the vice-deanship of research at ESG UQAM.


This prize is awarded each year to a professor at the start of their career whose research program is well under way. Catherine Haeck is a shining example of this, having started in her role as professor in 2014. she stood out for her numerous positions in the media, always in favor of young people, toddlers, students and their success.


Specialist in the economics of education and work, Catherine Haeck is Main Researcher of the theme Skills at CIRANO, director of the CIQSS-UQAM-INRS Laboratory, a visiting researcher at the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS), a member of the Human Capital Research Group, a member of the Research Unit on Children's Psychosocial Maladjustment and researcher affiliated with the Education Policy Research Initiative. She has published in several major economic and human capital journals, in addition to having received more than $9M in research grants since 2014 (including SSHRC and FRQSC).


Video: Portrait of the 2020 Emerging Faculty Award

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