Ejan Mackaay is a researcher and emeritus professor at Université de Montréal, specializing in the economic analysis of law and intellectual property. Professor Mackaay aims to improve the accessibility of the law through research with practical and theoretical contributions that use several scientific disciplines (legal computing, "jurimetry", economic analysis of the law). He has directed, at Université de Montréal, the Public Law Research Center (1999-2003) and the Center for Business Law and International Trade (2005-2008).

A correspondent of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and a retired lawyer at the Quebec Bar, Ejan Mackaay holds a LL.M. from the University of Toronto, an LL.M. and a Ph.D. the University of Amsterdam. He is regularly invited to take part in conferences of international dimension and gave invited courses to the universities of Oxford, Paris I, Brussels, Montpellier, Gand (Belgium), Diego Portalis of Santiago (Chile), Torcuato di Tella from Buenos Aires, Victoria (British Columbia) and EDHEC-Lille.

He received the Minerva Award from the Dutch Society of Translators for translating the Dutch Civil Code into French and was appointed Honorary Professor, Universidad San Martin de Porres, Lima, Peru. He is the author or co-author of many books, most recently Edward Elgar's Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems, 2013, which won the 2013 Vogel Prize.
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Publications by Ejan Mackaay

8 publications
October 6, 2018

L'encadrement juridique de la cohabitation des cultures génétiquement modifiées, conventionnelles et biologiques

Suzanne Bisaillon, Ejan Mackaay and Sarah Barrère

Agriculture, Contract, Federalism, Risk Management and Health
August 1, 2013

Le prix unique du livre – leçons à tirer de l'expérience dans différents pays européens

Ejan Mackaay

Competition, Innovation and Social Policies
December 1, 2011

Good Faith in Civil Law Systems – A Legal-Economic Analysis

Ejan Mackaay

Contract and Experimental Economics
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