Microeconomics, Public economy, Political economics


Raphaël Godefroy, a Ph.D. graduate from Stanford University, joined the Department of Economics at the Université de Montréal in 2012. His research interests are public economics, political economy and development economics. . His recent work aims to estimate the effects of institutional factors on development.
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CIRANO Publications by Raphael Godefroy

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Estimating COVID-19 Prevalence in the United States: A Sample Selection Model Approach

David Benatia, Raphael Godefroy and Joshua Lewis

Covid-19, Econometrics and Health

CIRANO Projects

Health at the heart of Quebec's economic recovery

Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Claude Montmarquette, Erin C. Strumpf, Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Maude Laberge, Carl-Ardy Dubois, Thomas G. Poder, Bernard Fortin, Guy Lacroix, Raquel Fonseca, Pierre-Carl Michaud, Suzanne Bisaillon, Raphael Godefroy, Maripier Isabelle


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