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More on the Value of Financial Advisors

Claude Montmarquette and Alexandre Prud'Homme

Behavioral Finance and Financial risks

CIRANO Projects

Asthmatic children and return to school in the context of COVID-19: determinants of parental decisions

Claude Montmarquette, Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Alexandre Prud'Homme, Yann Arnaud, Jolianne Bolduc, Pierre Fontaine


Sociodemographic portrait of seniors in the Laval and Laurentides regions

Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Alexandre Prud'Homme, Nassirou Ibrahim


What levers to mobilize to optimize the health and productivity of older workers (45 years and over) in the health and social services sector

Carl-Ardy Dubois, Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Alexandre Prud'Homme, Kathleen Bentein , Alain Marchand

Health, Labour Market, Human Resources, Human Capital, Demography

Evolution of the care offer in CHSLDs and adequacy with the needs of residents

Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Regis Blais, Sylvie Perreault, Alexandre Prud'Homme, Réjean Hébert


The value of financial advice: the contribution of a third investigation

More on the Value of Financial Advisors - Publié le March 10, 2020

Claude Montmarquette, Alexandre Prud'Homme

Behavioral Finance, Financial risks

Development of an opportunity analysis model considering the public value for the Registres Québec file.

Daniel J. Caron, Sara Bernardi, Alexandre Prud'Homme

Evaluation Of Projects, Programs and Public Policies

Assessing the effects of an innovation to improve access to psychosocial services in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and equity of access

Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Carl-Ardy Dubois, Alexandre Prud'Homme, Mathilda Abi-Antoun, Stéphane Rousseau, Annie Sapin Leduc

Health, Innovation

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