Daniel Parent has a Ph.D. in economics from Université de Montréal, and is a professor at HEC Montréal. He specializes in labour economics and applied econometrics. His current research focuses on industry-specificity of acquired skills, impact of private-sector training, school-to-work transition, impact of pay-for-performance schemes on the wage structure, and determinants of forms of compensation.
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Publications by Daniel Parent

26 publications
December 24, 2018

The Effect of College Education on Health and Mortality: Evidence from Canada

Guy Lacroix, François Laliberté-Auger, Pierre-Carl Michaud and Daniel Parent

Education and Health
June 1, 2004

Immigrant Labour Market Performance and Skilled Immigrant Selection: The International Experience

Daniel Parent and Christopher Worswick

Immigration and Labour Market
August 1, 2003

Education and Smoking: Were Vietnam War Draft Avoiders Also More Likely to Avoid Smoking?

Franque Grimard and Daniel Parent

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