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CAPM, Components of Beta and the Cross Section of Expected Returns
Le rapport D'Amours revisité
The Economic Crisis of 2008+: the Impact on Spain's Public Finances and Federalism
Le Québec économique 2012 : Focus on the income of Quebeckers
Le Québec économique 2012 : Focus on the income of Quebeckers
Industrial land in Russian cities: finance, investment and re-allocation
Financial Integration in Europe: Evidence from Eastern Europe
Confidence, aspirations, and the efficiency of educational systems when abilities are imperfectly known
Today Finance
Portrait of the remuneration of doctors from 2000 till 2009
Is it the end of the Euro?
The issue of water in the context of Environmental Accounting
Ecosystem capital accounts in Europe: going beyond GDP
Green GDP: “Seeing” the Hidden Economy of Nature
Measuring ecosystems goods and services (MEGS): A statistical perspective
Accounting for the Environment in a System of National Accounts
Le bilan des particuliers au Canada : évolution et analyse
Incitatifs fiscaux dédiés aux anges investisseurs : une analyse critique des programmes instaurés dans le monde
Taux d'investissement privé et épargne des ménages des provinces canadiennes, 1990-2008; y-a-t-il une relation?
Financial literacy and investor rationality: a Canadian study
The Canadian discount: A review
Labour market integration of immigrants in Quebec: a comparison with Ontario and British Columbia
Canada’s Dairy Supply Management: Comprehensive Review and Outlook for the Future
Ecotax and Carbon Credit Tradeoff Dynamics
How to identify reasonable accommodations: methodology and results for Switzerland
The Determination of Optimal Fines in Cartel Cases - The Myth of Underdeterrence
Eco-activities, creation of value and competitiveness
Towards an efficient minimum wage policy
Assessment of International Economic Policy Models and Measures: Lessons for Canada
"Economic crisis III: The three ""inappropriate revolutions"""
Economic Crisis II : Cassandre or Zadig?
Determinants of households savings in Quebec in 2007: analysis and comparison with Canada and Ontario
Savings in Quebec: its measurement and its importance, 1981-2006
Measuring the Performance of Market-Based Credit Risk Models
Impacts of the development of second generation biofuels on the market of residual materials
Economic Crisis I : Cassandras might be right
Rethinking International trade : A conversation with Mr Stephen Jarislowsky and Mr Thierry Warin
Public Spending, Public Deficits, and Government Coalitions
Pension highlights
The impact of court errors on liability sharing and safety regulation for environmental/industrial accidents
Private and social return to university education in Québec
Management of risks associated with hazardous materials in Quebec
Auction Mechanisms
Loss of Substituability
Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance
L'INESSS : a step in the right direction
Financial Crisis a Robert Amzallag point of view
What is the health literacy?
2010-2011 : The Year of Health at CIRANO
Biodiversity / Medical research
Management of Liquidity Risk
The Porter Hypothesis
Longevity Risk for Insurers and Pension Funds (2/2)
Longevity Risk for Insurers and Pension Funds (1/2)
2010 Elections in Haiti an appointment
Student Financial Assistance
Access to university
Competitive Social Democracy
Competitive Social Democracy
Competitive Social Democracy
A Single Canadian Securities Commission - Mieux comprendre la position du Québec (2/2)
A Single Canadian Securities Commission - Mieux comprendre la position du Québec (1/2)
Social Economy
Social Housing in Québec
Immigration au Québec
Longévité : une richesse
Infirmières au Canada
Fair Value Accounting: What Next?
Environment : World Congress
The financial crisis: One year later
Your pension
Determine your pension income as a function of your age, income, savings rate, and expected retirement age.
Kyoto update
The initiatives and advances made by various countries toward their Kyoto targets.

Crisis economy
The timeline (2008–2010) of the main financial indicators in the framework of the financial crisis.
Your pension
Determine the final salary of your pension according to your age, income, saving rates and anticipated retirement age.

Pensions 4-2
Document and resources for this project on pensions for private sector employees.
(in french)
Retirement and RVER
Document and resources for this project on the issues and products related to post-retirement withdrawal options.
Bonus QPP
Expanding the Quebec Pension Plan: Mirage or Preferred Solution?
Document and interview.
(in french)
Pension Team
Members of the CIRANO team working on financial issues related to retirement.
The RISQ+H Network
A network for raising awareness and pooling experiences with risk, security, and healthcare quality management
Activities of the Network
The network organizes meetings involving its members, researchers, and practice sites for exchanges on practices and knowledge. The meetings take the form of workshops and seminars.
Le Québec Économique
The website for « Le Québec économique portal of information about the economy of current Quebec» A project of CIRANO which aims to offer a showcase to the data on various themes connected to the economy, and will eventually widen during subsequent updates. Click here to reach the portal and the monographs.
iCIRANO presents four video interviews on subjects discussed during the colloque " Le Québec Économique " which was held in Quebec city on February, 2011 and in the monograph. To view one of these interviews, click on one of the four buttons below.
Interview: N. de Marcellis, J. Castonguay
As part of the launch of QE in 2011, Nathalie Marcellis-Warin and Joanne Castonguay talked about various issues of Quebec health care system.
Interview: Wendy Thomson
As part of the launch of QE in 2011, Wendy Thomson talks about the limits of a health system that is too centralized.
« Le désir de connaitre davantage »
If we wish to contribute effectively to the desire of Quebeckers for greater understanding of issues affecting the Quebec economy, it is first necessary to assess the extent of their knowledge. For this reason, CIRANO conducted the survey “Le désir de connaitre davantage” in 2009. We share some results from the first phase of this contribution.
Survey of economic literacy of Quebeckers
Some results from the survey “Le désir de connaitre advantage” conducted by C. Montmarquette and J. Engle-Warnick.
Book - Le Québec économique 2009:
le chemin parcouru depuis 40 ans
Published by Laval University Press under the direction of Marcelin Joanis and Luc Godbout. An overview of the challenges facing, and advances made by, Quebec and its regions.
Le Québec en récession :
les enjeux de finances publiques
With the collaboration of the authors of the book "Le Québec économique 2009" addressing the issue of government finances.
Government debt
Subjects: the evolution of the debt, the current situation, debt service.
Update: 2011-08-01
Subjects: teaching staff, costs, university graduates, dropping out, yields, loans and scholarships.
Update: 2011-08-01
Subjects: generation, consumption, prices, the competitive situation.
Update: 2011-08-01

The environment
Subjects: GHG in Canada, in Quebec, by province, by sector, and around the world.
Update: 2011-08-01
Equalization payments
Subjects: the three models, contributions, the relative size, consequences.
Update: 2011-08-01
The healthcare system
Subjects: the state of healthcare, the situation, expenditures, physicians, drugs, nurses.
Update: 2011-08-01

Fees in Quebec
Subjects: income from user fees, daycare fees, education and healthcare, electricity.
Update: 2008-05-01
Web Events
Le Québec économique
Economic literacy
Reality checks