Land and Urbanization in China

As China develops, with an economy poised to become the world’s largest in the not-too-distant future, challenges of rapid city growth and land scarcity loom large. CIRANO’s day-long conference will bring together an inter-disciplinary group of experts to discuss recent research relating to this critical urbanization-land nexus. A diverse array of presentations will address the political economy of land right and land reallocation and tenure in both urban and peri-urban settings.


Loren Brandt, University of Toronto
“Institutional mechanisms governing changes in property rights: a theoretical and empirical study of rural land tenure in China”
Meina Cai, University of Connecticut,
“Land grabbing, compensation bargaining, and village governance in China”
James Kung, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
“Land revenue windfalls, signaling, and career incentives of China’s local leaders”
Pierre Landry, University of Pittsburgh,
“Gerrymandering with Chinese characteristics-- Urbanization and boundary instability at the County Level in China. ”
William Pyle, Middlebury College,
“A ‘de Soto effect’ in industry: evidence from the Russian Federation”
Weiping Wu, Tufts University,
“Land-infrastructure-leverage: dilemmas in urban infrastructure financing”